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Market Research

Robin Rothrock / 3/12/2014 / 0 Comments

Life Scientists and Content Marketing: What, Why and Who Cares?

Customers are often completing 60% or more of their pre-purchase activities without contacting a sales representative. Life science vendors can influence the purchasing decisions of these stealth customers by

Market Research

admin / 2/28/2014 / 0 Comments

Market Research Expertise: Mergers & Acquisitions, Due Diligence (Part II)

A proposed merger, acquisition or joint venture requires much more than a legal and accounting review. It requires an in-depth understanding of the target’s products and business practices, as well as the target’s reputation in the market.

Market Research

admin / 2/21/2014 / 0 Comments

Market Research Expertise: Mergers and Acquisitions, Due Diligence (Part I)

Market research remains a critical element for acquisition searches and due diligence. It projects a company’s future performance as reported by its customers thereby providing

Market Research

Robin Rothrock / 1/28/2014 / 0 Comments

Increasing Uncertainty for Life Science Funding

The results showed an overwhelming number of both academic and industrial researchers across all geographic regions agreed

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